Reach People Where They Are

Just about every church says they desire to “reach people where they are” in life. Easier said than done right?

Yesterday someone came to my blog by searching this on Google:

“What calls people to be followers of Christ?”

I have no idea who this person is and what made them search for that. I don’t know if my blog even provided a great answer. But this was my first thought after I saw that the google search led to my blog:

I bet that person won’t ever step in a church, but in a small way I reached them where they were.

Because my class was canceled yesterday morning (after I already drove 30 minutes to get there), Jeff and I decided to go out for coffee. We talked a lot about the importance of churches being engaged in what is taking place on the internet.

It is funny to me that the same church that says it wants to “reach people where they are” refuses to have any kind of web presence, other than a lame website with a bunch of information.

How is that reaching people where they are?