Fortuitous Bouncing

Probably my favorite sport to play is golf. I grew up playing with my dad and played it competitively in high school.

I was able to get out yesterday afternoon with a friend from college and church and I shot a 77, the best I’ve had in a long time (usually I’m closer to 80).

The bad part is that I putted as bad as I can ever remember putting. It really should have been my first round ever under par (at a course that counts as being hard at least).


  1. Interesting article from Collide on the term“Worshiptainment.”
  2. Mark Driscoll is doing a blog series on different baseball features that relate to the church. I really enjoyed his take on young leaders in the church.
  3. And I also thought he nailed it with his post on cutting underperforming, overpaid veterans. I have a feeling this one won’t go over quite as well. But really how can you bring up young leaders unless you cut veterans? It applies as much to your sports team as it does to your church.
  4. Not that I agree with everything said, but I like the tone taken in this post on wearing Jesus goggles to a Tea Party.
  5. John Saddington has some advice for churches who are working on forming a social media strategy. John knows his stuff, churches should take notes.


Spring is here!