Has Art Changed Your Life?

Last week I took a course on preaching narrative literature. One of the big areas we focused on was the power of story. The Bible has one overarching story with many great stories within it. It is a beautiful piece and it is a work of art by God that has changed the world. To me, story, when done well, is a powerful form of art.

I’m curious (other than the Bible) what is one piece of art that has changed your life?

Could be a book, movie, song, painting, etc, really anything you would consider worthy to be called art.

Ready, set, go.

  • http://www.manofdepravity.com Tyler

    It will come across as trivial but I think the movie Gladiator really did change my life. Not in a hugely major way, but the way in which he (Russell Crowe) lives with tenacity and passion for his wife and family was something I saw and still see such a high value in.

  • CYD

    Video games as art… Greatly impacted my life.

    • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

      I listened to a guy who is an editor of a popular video game review magazine (can’t remember the name) talk about video games as an artform. Pretty interesting.

  • http://visiodeicommunity.org David Zook

    Several art forms change my life little by little:

    1) Music … Faith Hill’s “There Will Come A Day”; U2’s “Grace” (along with many others)

    2) Books … Alice in Wonderland. It was written by a Pastor and has a lot of biblical motifs running throughout. I also find parallels between the craziness that went on in the book and our post modern “if it makes sense to me, then it must be true” mindset. Treasure Island has given me a tangible and deep look into idols and how destructive they are.

    3) Movies: Braveheart. The Passion of Christ. Slum Dog Millionaire. (too name a few)

    4) TV: The Biggest Loser, Extreme Home Makeover, Extreme Weight Loss. (too name a few)

    5) Plays: The Lion King … the play, as well as the movie, is built on the Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration chassiee. (Simba was created and the world was as it should be, Skar muddles it up by killing Simba’s dad out of jealously and blaming it on Simba. Broken, Simba runs away and is redeemed when Nala finds him. Simba returns to the the kingdom and restores order by defeating Skar and his minions once and for all.)

    6)Visual art: Great art captivates me by its beauty and I thank our Creator for creating the longing in an artist’s heart to express that beauty.

    • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

      Amazing how all these various art forms can impact us.

  • http://Www.aldisalvatore.blogspot.com Al Di Salvatore

    Book Catcher in the Rye made a huge impact on me in high school
    Screwtape letters simply brilliant

    Music Dylan & Beatles & U2 & Hillsong United (renewed my love for worship music)

    TV Mad Men, Twin Peaks, My So Called Life (ahead of it’s time)

    Movie: Godfather, Shawshank, Braveheart, stranger than fiction

    Art: Starry Night and anything by MC Echer and the Italian greats

    Love this post!