The Three

One of my pet peeves is Facebook birthdays. People, myself included, are lazy now when it comes to making someone feel appreciated on their birthday. So, I took mine off. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will end up writing on my wall when my b-day rolls around.

1. Going on a theme from last week about understanding millennials, this week I ran across a great post on fostering an environment in your organization that young leaders will want to be a part of. There is a wide gap between talking about wanting younger people leading and actually being a place where that happens. Hopefully this post will help push more to bridge that gap.

5. Willing to give over responsibility vs. a “wait your turn” mentality– will allow young leaders to lead if they are qualified and can handle it.”

“9. Passionately create a culture that takes risksallows for failure, and thinks outside the box.”

2. As Rose knows all too well, touching in public isn’t exactly my favorite thing. She would always prefer me to hold her hand or rub her back, or just about anything else that involves touching. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Jon Acuff’s People Against Massages During Church Manifesto.

4. Don’t confuse not loving in church massages with not loving life, Jesus, our spouses etc.
You will assume, based on our plans to rid all churches, in all countries of “during church massages,” that we are not loving people. That perhaps you are rubbing someone’s neck as an act of worship or praise or affection. And that members of PAMIC are not into any of those things. That is adorable. It’s possible we held hands with our spouses as we walked into church. We might give back rubs at home. We could be amazing “snugglers” but when it comes to touching folks at church, we follow the Bible. And there’s not a single example of someone in the Bible giving someone else a neck or back rub while Jesus taught.”

3. What’s your empty canvas?

“All this time, I thought God wanted an empty canvas because it looked clean. I was wrong.

What God wants is my canvas to be taken out to the world, and fill it with tears, pains, victories, failures, things that make me laugh, things that make me cry.”

Grace and Peace.