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Category: dreams

The New Prosperity Gospel of Dreams

Ran across this insightful thought last week: What was once a health and wealth prosperity gospel, is becoming a “dreams,” and “potential,” gospel, and it is in mainstream evangelicalism — Dean Inserra (@deaninserra) March 31, 2016 Not a day goes by when I do not see another Christian writer pushing these ideas. It’s looking out […]

Category: dreams

A Mindset I Struggle to Embrace: People Over Ambitions

This past Monday night my wife Rose and I went on our first date since our little girl was born, back in January. Yikes, too long. That’s not the point of this though. At some point in the conversation she asked me: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Rose had an interview last […]

Category: dreams

A Theology of Place (Why We Bought a House in the Place I Didn’t Want to Live)

Two years ago I moved my wife Rose to my hometown of Salem, Oregon, taking her away from a city we loved, Portland, Oregon. It’s hard to explain why we did this other than by saying God pushed us where we didn’t want to go. And when God speaks, you follow. I imagined the move […]

Category: dreams

Stepping Beyond the Rubble

Last Thursday I shared my experience of watching a dream die. It was dark. I wrote with the darkness in mind because living it felt that way quite often. But maybe lost in the darkness is finding light beyond it. Which I also experienced, yet didn’t convey in the post. I write a monthly email […]

Category: dreams

A Cautionary Tale About Dreams

(Hemingway described writing as bleeding on the page. I think today’s post is a little more like that than usual. Sometimes posts come out in 30 minutes of writing. Sometimes they take 30 days to develop. Today’s is the latter. Thanks for taking time to read in this space). — 2 years ago I had […]

Category: dreams

Finding Contentment While Dreaming of the Future

My book giveaway is still going on today. More info here. Some words for Ash Wednesday My brother is a freshman in college with aspirations of getting into law school, and ultimately becoming a lawyer who, “makes lots of money,” as he says. While he was home over Christmas break I made sure to inform […]

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