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Category: Jesus

The Problem with Praying For Your Enemy

Whether it be with people who disagree with me online, or people who disagree with decisions I make in helping lead a church, I can easily create fake enemies. I say fake because nearly all who come to mind are actually my brothers and sisters in Christ, so to call them an enemy of mine […]

Category: Jesus

The Myth of Jesus > The Bible

Some Christians refer to themselves as “Red Letter Christians.” The idea being that the words and ministry of Jesus should carry more weight than other Biblical teachings. They waste a lot of energy speaking against Biblicism and Bible worship. Others might speak toward this by saying, “the Word (Jesus) became flesh,” so any adoration toward the Word […]

Category: Jesus

Lessons from Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Work Never Ends

Bonhoeffer Series: Part One || “A Story About Coming Home” Part Two || “Disembodied Christianity” Part Three || “A Foundation in the Word” (Today’s post is the last in this series, though I have no doubt we will revisit the ministry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the future.) — In 1943, after a failed assassination attempt […]

Category: Jesus

Ministry for the One, Not the Masses

I grew up when the local church could fit 90% of people within specific life situation and age-focused programs. Here’s the basic flow: graduate from the kid’s program into a middle school ministry, from there you move into the high school ministry, the high school ministry naturally leads into a college ministry, and because nearly […]

Category: Jesus

Yes, We’re Talking About Selfies

When the Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” as the word of the year for 2013 they were not providing commentary as to whether it was a good or a bad thing for our culture. Instead, they presented the word as one that had grown in popularity to the point where its use was now ingrained in […]

Category: Jesus

Scattered Around or Handed Down

Today’s post from Regi Campbell begins the final week of the blog series Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ. To receive future posts from the series in your inbox head HERE. Engage with the writers and community of readers using the hashtag #DiscipleshipBlog. — Jesus was one smart man. He was dropped into history with one job to do. Be conceived […]

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