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A few weekends back I had my worst restaurant experience in recent memory. All of us have had them. Bad food resulting in food poisoning. Or Bad service that made us want to stiff the waiter. Or the longest wait time ever, only to get stuck with the table right next to the kitchen. I […]

Category: life

The Refueling Breath of God

I’ve had two converging thoughts going on for the past few weeks: God speaks. It is his breath that creates the universe and mankind. It is his breath of life which gives new life to dead souls. God is actively breathing into you. I can’t run on empty forever. I shared about the different things […]

Category: life

When God Screams Through the Dull Roar of Life

I prefer for life to run it’s course at a fever pitch pace, mixed in with rest and relaxation. And I’m slowly realizing my wishes won’t always come true. My life is currently run at the pace of a dull roar, like the unending sound of crashing ocean waves. Not quite crazy enough to break […]

Category: life

Are You Character-Driven or Career-Driven?

I entered college to a receive a degree. I wanted the degree so I could fast-track my way into a luxurious career, where I would find myself swimming in the money of my success (think Duck Tales). In my mind, college was nothing more than a needed stepping-stone for my long awaited dream of immense […]

Category: life

Asking God New Questions

“God, which calling is more difficult, courage or contentment?” This is the question I find myself asking God, because I used to think having courage through change and struggle is the most difficult calling God can give, but now I’m beginning to wonder. The last two years of my life only one thing has been […]

Category: life

The End of “RIP”

I see it all over Facebook and Twitter each time someone famous dies. In recent weeks two well-known Christian authors passed away (Brennan Manning and Dallas Willard) and I saw countless comments using the phrase. I hear it after someone at church passes. I heard it many, many times after my grandpa passed away: “May […]

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