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Category: stewardship

The Allure of Parish Pornography

Eugene Peterson says that many pastors fall in love with ecclesiological pornography—fake pictures of church ministry—filtered so ministry becomes a glorified endeavor of glamour. Taking cues from the surrounding culture, we begin to desire something that does not exist. The snapshots we see of the ministry of glamour aren’t real. Upon starting seminary I worked as a […]

Category: stewardship

Why You Should Never Aim to “Arrive”

Once you can buy this car then you’ve arrived. Once you get married, then you’ll be happy. Once you become the key leader in your organization, then you’ll be important. Once you get a raise, then you’ll be living the life you always wanted. These are the lies we stretch ourselves to believe everyday. They’re […]

Category: stewardship

The Simple Way To Get More Opportunities

Everyone I know wishes for more opportunities to come their way. Not the kind of opportunities that feel like more work, but the kind of opportunities that you dream for. Friends of mine wish to tour as musicians, move up within their organization, get accepted into a prestigious academic program, receive grant money to start […]

Category: stewardship

Stewardship of Suffering (A Holy Week Meditation)

The word stewardship has been hijacked by the American church to primarily mean monetary giving, which is such a narrow view of all stewardship truly is. As “ambassadors” we are stewards of God’s presence within our world because of God’s Spirit dwelling within us (I’m thinking of 2nd Corinthians 5:20 here). With this in mind, […]

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