One Those Big News & Announcement Posts

Anytime I title a post like this as a 26 year-old guy, having been married almost 5 years, people begin to get excited about us having a baby on the way. So let me just get this out of the way.

Sorry…we’re not pregnant.

This is a post I never thought I’d write in my lifetime, much less before I turn 27.

I started writing on this blog as a place to share thoughts and dive into the bigger conversation that is blogging. I never expected it to gain a large readership. Depending on who you ask, I either have a ton of readers or very few. I’d say it’s probably neither and I am grateful for all of you who help motivate me to write. Each time I post I can think of specific people who have been reading for many years (I’ve been blogging on various formats for 4 years now!) and I always think of you when I write.

Long story, short…I’m writing a book. Scheduled to release in August 2012.

Moody Publishers came to me after reading my blog for a while and we started discussing what a book could look like with me. I worked a lot over the summer putting together a topic that had some meat to it and my proposal was recently accepted.

The title has yet to be determined, but the overall thrust of the book is around holiness and how my generation has completely ignored, avoided, and misunderstood holiness.

I’ve been writing for a few weeks now and I can assure you that writing a book is as exciting and overwhelming as you can imagine. I’m super pumped to be writing on this topic because I think it’s a book someone my age needs to write for my generation. I wish I would have had a book like this to read as I started college since I did a lot of hard work to wreck my life in those 4 years.

Getting a book deal and writing a book is becoming pretty commonplace today, so while it is an honor, this isn’t the end goal for me. I want to write something that matters, something that will change the lives of the people who read it. I don’t want to gain a bunch of notoriety, but I do hope people resonate with the message and become more like Christ because of it.

You might be wondering how I have time to write a book on top of working full-time at my church, and also taking two seminary classes…the short answer is that I have no idea. I won’t have much of a life over the next 5 months, that’s for sure.

How can you help?

  • Tell other people. Now and as the book release gets closer (I’ll provide some specific ways you can help as the release date comes).
  • Pray for me. Most weeks I’m running on fumes and trying to write well when I’m exhausted is not easy.
  • Pass on any material, personal connections, thoughts, etc…you think would be helpful. I can’t guarantee that I’ll use everything, but there’s no such thing as having too much to work with when writing.

But most of all, thank you. Thank you for reading and helping support me.

To the glory of God alone.