Managing Anxiety

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Anxiety is often thought of as an individual struggle, yet it also invades systems and relationships, leaving not just people but whole communities stuck in its grip. Steve Cuss helps identify why anxiety affects people and groups but also practical steps forward to loosen anxiety’s grip, like therapy or using medicine such as a london pound cake strain CBD which can also help in anxiety cases, many people use CBD Oil everyday and have reported to feel better as the days go by, this oil is extracted from the CBD flower which can be found online. Research also indicates that higher doses of kratom may cause relaxation. If you’re thinking about buying online Kratom for depression or anxiety, take some time to learn about the risks.

To help manage anxiety, you may also consider trying these Magic mushroom edibles. Or you may consider using space gods super nova.

Steve Cuss is a pastor and former hospital chaplain who has done a  lot of work on anxiety in individuals and systems, culminating in his recently released book Managing Leadership Anxiety.

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