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Category: book

The Giving Artist and Why My Book is Free This Week

Yes it’s true. This week my book is free on all the main online book retailers. I’m also giving away multiple copies of the book to 10 people (info below). You can scroll down to the button for links to get my book for free, but the first part of this post explains my rationale […]

Category: book

You Need a Mentor (New Book Release And Giveaway)

Not long ago I came to a point in my life where I sensed something was missing. I had a wife and a solid marriage that flourished within the dreaded first year of companionship. I had a job that was allowing me to gain experience in the field I pictured myself working in the rest […]

Category: book

4 Lessons Running a Half-Marathon Taught Me About Writing a Book

A little over a year ago the gun sounded and I headed out on the adventure of running my first long distance race, a half-marathon through the rural hills of Portland, Oregon. Despite hating running long distances in high school and college I have come to appreciate the kind of devotion it takes to prepare […]

Category: book

The Power of Personal Touch

As most of you know, Why Holiness Matters is that first book I’ve published and launched. I’d like to tell you writing a book is a carefree and fun process, but the truth is I put hundreds of hours into researching, writing, editing, and lately, marketing the book. Over the past few months most of […]

Category: book

Announcement: My 2012 Book Tour

The number one question I’ve been asked over the past two weeks is, “Are you going to do a book tour?” The short answer is no. The long answer is that very few authors go on actual traveling book tours now. It’s cost prohibitive, and the power of the internet makes them somewhat unnecessary. Included […]

Category: book

I’ll Trade You a Free Copy of My Book Why Holiness Matters

I’ve run out of review copies to pass out but my special offer for a FREE book and 2 FREE resources still stands. Only a few days left for this offer! Don’t miss it. The past week has been incredibly exhilarating. To see a challenging message written by me, connect with my generation and many […]

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