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Category: God

The Refueling Breath of God

I’ve had two converging thoughts going on for the past few weeks: God speaks. It is his breath that creates the universe and mankind. It is his breath of life which gives new life to dead souls. God is actively breathing into you. I can’t run on empty forever. I shared about the different things […]

Category: God

Are You Character-Driven or Career-Driven?

I entered college to a receive a degree. I wanted the degree so I could fast-track my way into a luxurious career, where I would find myself swimming in the money of my success (think Duck Tales). In my mind, college was nothing more than a needed stepping-stone for my long awaited dream of immense […]

Category: God

He Knows the Plans, But They Aren’t Good

Ever heard someone quote Jeremiah 29:11 when trying to help a friend get a boost of confidence about the future? Me too. On the surface this reads like a perfect Bible story. The people around Jeremiah are groaning—wanting something better from God than what they’ve gotten. And God says through Jeremiah, “I’ve got this taken […]

Category: God

The Problem With The Sticky Pages

From Tyler: Today’s post is from CM Logan, a writer and pastor. While most posts here are written by me, I love getting the chance to share other writers with you. If you’re interested in posting read more here. — I was in college, and the pastor said we were starting a sermon series in Nehemiah. […]

Category: God

Living an Instagram Kind of Life

People who don’t use Instagram rip on those who do all the time. I’ve heard the comments such as, “people show off a glamorized picture of their lives.” That’s absolutely true. Or the comment of, “those filters make every picture look washed out.” Also, true. And finally the comment, “a picture never tells the whole story.” […]

Category: God

The Sheltered Life

Mistakes, hurts, and abuses often cause us to hide, not allowing anyone to see who we really are. In these moments it’s difficult to envision anything outside the walls of our pain. So we lock ourselves into this stagnant life where nothing greater is ever possible. We don’t become less flawed through healing, but we […]

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